About us

Medical complex "Serdika"

In the last few years Medical complex “Serdika” became one of the biggest chains of health and social facilities in Bulgaria

We have established a new standard of global quality in the provision of health care in the field of treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care for elderly patients.

Preferred and fair employer

Investing in the development of employees’ skills and organizing corporate trainings according to the needs of the complex.

Positioning of “Serdika” as a preferred and correct employer in the field of health care.

Key partnerships

Hospitals, medical and social facilities all around the contry

Cooperation with medical universities 

Partnership with companies with a high range of services

Certificates and recognitions:


Reporting software for medical services

Supports the activity of monitoring the performed procedures at the patient level:

  • Appointment of individual rehabilitation plans
  • Tracking of performed manipulations for a patient
  • Review of therapy and control of assigned therapy
  • Patient problem alert

Robotic devices for rehab

Software and actuators for rehabilitating any part of the body:

  •  Retraining the brain to move the limbs correctly
  •  Perfect dosage of the load for maximum effect
  •  Track progress and performance for each procedure
  •  Aggregation and analysis of performance data across diagnoses

Tyromotion + Lokomat:

Софтуер за отчитане на медицински манипулации