Hospice and residence for elderly people "Serdika"

In “Serdika” hospices care is taken for bedridden patients, providing medical care in bed, infusions and everything needed to feel well in this period of their life. Site selection and team training provide loved ones with peace of mind for their loved ones. A clinical psychologist, round-the-clock medical care, social activities lift the spirits of the residents for a pleasant stay.


Long-term medical care

Specialized care for patients with dementia

Brand new material base with focus on every detail

24/7 medical monitoring

Long term medical care

Team that focus on dementia and long term intensive care. We handle the daily challanges with patience and high level of professionalism.


Provide intensive care for bedridden patients 


Specialized premises for intensive care


Specialized premises for intensive care

1 000 +

Мedical examination

20 300+

Hours of specialized intensive care

15 000+

Rehabilitation procedures


Rudartsi, 20 Mihail Doichev St

0884 500 000

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